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December 30, 2012
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“HAHAHAHA YOU DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND YOU ARE FOREVER ALONE” a girl yelled. Well damn. She was right. You never have a boyfriend once and you are going to graduate next year. Now every popular girl is going to make fun of you. But you did lie to them that you have a boyfriend once. They didn't believe you, but instead they make fun of you and pair you up with some creepy nerd from your class. You could just shiver from the thought you and him together. Ew...Gross snot from his nose and the weird thing he always said. Damn you want to hurry up and get a boyfriend fast!--

“I wish I could have a sexy boyfriend that can be protective and claim to everyone I am his property...” You whispered to yourself.


“Did I heard someone said they want a sexy boyfriend” A sexy man that is around the age 30 pop out of no where said.

“U-um...” You tried to say something but you don't know what to say

“Oh! So it was you am I right?” The sexy man ask.

You nodded and blush hoping he isn't some kind of pervert that will be your boyfriend or something because if you said he was your boyfriend everyone will call him a pedophile and you are some kind of pervert but lets not get there.

“My name is Rome, I am your fairy god father!” He said cheerfully.

“Wait! You have magic?” You ask curiously.

“Of course, since you just wished something I will make that come true!”

“Tomorrow when you come back to school, you will meet a new student that is coming to your school, and he is going to claim you his!” He said.

“Ah o-okay then...” you told him.

“Well good by now (y/n)!~” he said, then suddenly the wind blew so hard making you cover your eyes for a second then you uncover your eyes. Rome has disappeared.

“The fuck heck just happen!!?!?!?!” you yelled.

-Le time skip-

It is now night time. You are getting to sleep now.

“I hope Rome is right on what he say....If it is wrong I am totally going to kill him!” you thought to yourself.

“Oh well better get some sleep now or I will be late for school tomorrow” you said.
England- [link]
America- [link]
Canada- [link]
France- (waiting)
Russia- (waiting)
China- (waiting)
Italy- (waiting)
Germany- (waiting)
Japan- (waiting)
Romano- (waiting)
Spain- (waiting)
Prussia - (waiting)
Poland - (waiting)
Lithuania - (waiting
Latvia - (waiting)
Estonia - (waiting)
Denmark - (waiting)
Norway - (waiting)
Iceland - (waiting)
Sweden - (waiting)
Finland (waiting)
Greece - (Waiting)
Turkey - (waiting)
Egypt - (waiting)
Switzerland - (waiting)
Hong Kong - (waiting)
Thailand - (waiting)
India - (waiting)
Scotland - (waiting)
Ireland - (waiting)
Wales - (waiting)
Sealand - (waiting)
Romania - (waiting)
2p!America- (waiting)
2p!Canada - (waiting)
((I will try to add more country))
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“My name is Rome, I am your fairy god father!” He said cheerfully.
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