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February 25, 2013
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  Protect You No Matter What

         It was just a normal day in school. Everybody is happy around their friends. Talking and laughing having a good time. But for you. You are different from them. You are just a trash that everyone would make fun of. Even if you stood up for yourself, you would get boo's and other crap people gives you. School is just a living hell for you. You have no friends or lovers to help you and be there for you. You have no one. You just hated everything in school. It's just a living hell there. You would rather stay in home and hide from them. Home is home. Home is where you could be happy. You get to spend time with your family and such. You love it there. But the sad things is... You never admit how you feel. Whenever you get bully at school you would always come home with a smile when you meet your family. You even smile at school even if it is a tough time you would just smile and just...Do nothing...You have cut yourself. You been crying to god.
'Why is this happening?'
Who knows what will happen next. Maybe you could just end your life now?
   “Hey ugly!” A boy shouted.
You tried not to pay attention to them but then you were push to the ground. You look up to the person who was pushed you. Seems like this person was amuse by it. He started to laugh at you, seeing you laying at the ground like a doll that just got threw over. How can a human be so cruel to their own kind? It makes you wonder and wonder. But you still can't find the answer.
   “Why are you doing this to me?” You ask.
It was a pause when the boy just stare at you with confusion. He then smile.
   “Because you are ugly of course. Ugly people deserve to be treated like this.” He said laughing loudly.
Funny. How come whenever you come home your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, and other family would just call you a beautiful child. Ever since you were first born everyone call you a beautiful angel. Perhaps you were lied all these years?
    “I see....” You said quietly closing your eyes to think.
The boy wasn't done with what he was about to do to you and with that. He grab and handful of your hair pulling it forward to him. You started to scream in pain. Stop Stop Stop! You wanted it to stop! But can you do anything about it? No, no one could do anything.
Or at least it is what you thought.
   “What the bloody hell are you doing?!?!” A voice shouted. You tried your best to look toward the person who shouted but the same time, it hurt to get you hair pull while paying attention to another thing.
    “Get off her right now!!” The voice growl. Seems like this person have walk to the bully trying to help you out but the bully protest. “Why should I? I mean just look at her, isn't it just so fucking funny?” The bully laugh.
     But the other person was not amuse of it.
       “Whoa dude fine.” The bully said letting go of your hair and walk away.
You finally feel better now. But your head hurts a lot from all of the pulling. But a least it has stop now...
    “Are you okay Miss?” The person ask.
       “Y-Yes...” You answer.
            “I see...Well I am glad.” The person said with a smile.
He seems....Really nice some how. You never see him around the school. It funny how that no one have ever defend you before. Even for those happy people who doesn't get bully much never try to help you. It's kind of...Let not get into that anyway. But you were really happy someone defend you when you are in pain.
  “Why was the boy laughing at you when you are in so much pain? Did you do anything to make him do that. Oh also I am Arthur. In case if were wondering.” Arthur said.
  “Hello Arthur....If you were wondering....Why.....I was being pull by the hair by that boy. Maybe because I am ugly...I mean that's what everybody told me. If I am ugly I should be hurt.” You smile weakly to Arthur. Arthur seem to be shock by it a little.
      “Tell me. What is your name? And what is your story? If you are willing to tell me or not.” He said making you feel comfortable.
  “My name is (name) (last name)....It is really nice to meet you Arthur...Thank you for helping for me....I never have someone to stood up and defend me...Thank you...” You said still smiling.
 Arthur some how frown.
  “(Name)...Are you hurt?” He ask.
You shook your head to give him the answer but it seems like his disapprove of the answer and seems like it was just a lie or was the wrong answer.
     “Tell me the truth, are your hurt?” He said in a serious tone.
          “Yes I am fine.” You lied.
    Arthur just sigh and look at you with a serious look on his face.
   “Alright (name) looks like you will be hanging around with me for a while now. I will make sure to look after you since I have a feeling you might get yourself hurt.”
       “You don't have to I am fine. I could take care--”
Arthur cut your sentence “Ah ah ah. A lady like you shouldn't be treat like this. Plus I want to know you more better since I find you a bit interesting.” Arthur said. You suddenly blush when he said 'find you interesting'. Never in your life have a boy told you, you are interesting.  It some how makes you happy all of the sudden.
       “By the way (name), would you like to come over to my club to have some tea perhaps?” He offers.
              “I would like that..” You said sounding happy. You love tea a lot. You remember ever since you were little you would play with your dolls and having a tea party with them. It was such an excited and fun time you ever had that day.
    Arthur smile when you accept his offer. He happily take you to his club and there it was. When he open the room to his club everything just made you stood there speechless. You look around the room. The room is like a rich people would have. How can a public school like this have such an awfully beautiful room. The wallpaper had such a beautiful shades of color with flowers on it. The window frame look really beautiful and just look at the couch. Also the TV as well. Everything in there is just... Wow.
          “Like what you see?” Arthur chuckle.
                      “Well you see. This is suppose to be a room for student like me to be in. Let just say....My family own this school and this room is only for V.I.P only. Unless you are invited by an V.I.P like myself. But I think soon hopefully I could make you an V.I.P if I like you.” Arthur said winking at you making you blush.
       “S-So you go to school here?” You ask.
          “Yes, you don't see me often around the school hallway or at the cafeteria. After all I am a V.I..P.  I get everything special. If I do good. I would get private class with my family and import family's friend, and get serve with good things unlike you normal kids.” Arthur said.
          “Wow....” You said with amazement.
              “I never knew about that...”
  “Well it is suppose to be a secret that the normal kids shouldn't know about it.”
        “Then why are you telling me?” You ask
                “Well maybe because I might or will choose you as an V.I.P” Arthur smile.
      “W-What why? I just met you and--”
         “I know I just met you. But you seem special. You seem like a girl that needs a boy to protect her.”
Oh Artie. Y so gentlemanly? LOLOLOLOLOL. Anyway I hope you like this story. I got inspire by so many people who told me about them getting bully and that I am going to write a happy story about it to make them feel better. Because every one should just feel happy and not feel sad. Sure other people can be a dick but you have people on the internet that I just like you to be happy it is like home. But hopefully one day the people who is getting bully right now. I hope you will survive because there will be an bright future for you and you need to reach it. So yeah. I hope I made everyone's day. I am going to make a second one of this.
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